District Council of Peterborough

ABC Local Radio

ABC Local Radio delivers news, entertainment, sport, weather and in-depth coverage of issues. In addition to this they are also an official emergency broadcaster.

To keep local residents prepared and informed during times of emergency ABC Local Radio has produced electronic and printed materials to raise awareness of this role, and have made these available to the District Council of Peterborough.

Printed materials

ABC Local Radio has sent to the Council around 200 wallet cards, which are available free of charge from the Front Counter.

For more information about preparation for and advice during an emergency please visit abc.net.au/emergency .


ABC Local Radio

Port Pirie, South Australia 639 AM (5CK)
Adelaide, South Australia 891 AM (5AN)


ABC News Radio

Spencer Gulf North, South Australia 102.7 FM (5PNN)
Adelaide, South Australia 972 AM (5PB)


ABC Radio National

Adelaide, South Australia 729 AM (5RN)
Spencer Gulf North, South Australia 106.7 FM (5ABCRN)


ABC Classic FM

Spencer Gulf North, South Australia 104.3 FM (5ABCFM)


ABC Triple j

Spencer Gulf North, South Australia 103.5 FM (5JJJ)



District Council of Peterborough
108 Main Street, PO Box 121
Peterborough SA 5422
Phone: 08 8651 3566
Fax: 08 8651 3066