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Public Consultation Documents - No Smoking Zone

Application for declared smoke - free area

The District Council of Peterborough seeks the declaration of a smoke-free area under the Tobacco Products Regulation Act 1997 at the footpath and road related area adjacent the Town Hall and Y.M.C.A buildings located at 108 Main Street Peterborough S.A 5422 as per attachments A and B.

The footpath and road related areas in front of the Peterborough Town Hall and Y.M.C.A Building situated at 108 Main Street Peterborough SA 5422, are a popular place for smokers to light up especially when community and school events are held at the location, this second hand smoke affects adults and children in the locality and also funnels into the buildings affecting people enclosed within these buildings. Situated directly adjacent to these buildings is a children’s playground, which could also be affected by tobacco smoke drifting from large numbers of smokers in the vicinity.

Some of the events held at these locations are as follows:

  • Community forums
  • Calisthenics classes
  • Council training
  • School functions: involving Schools from the Flinders cluster
  • Private functions

A large percentage of indoor events held in Peterborough are held within the Town Hall building and the Y.M.C.A building houses several displays open to the general public. As a result the community, including children, young people, office staff and visitors, are regularly exposed to tobacco smoke throughout the area and affected buildings.

The declaration of a smoke–free area will ensure that smoking is controlled, reducing harmful exposure to tobacco smoke; this in turn would improve the amenity of the locality and increase the enjoyment of the area for the community.

It is expected that any smokers would light up on the opposite side of the main street or along Don Ferguson Drive where butt bins are located.

During the implementation staff will be informed of the declared smoke free area. Staff will be asked to courteously inform smokers that the area is smoke-free and ask them to either put out their cigarette or to move outside the smoke free area.

Council will also appoint an authorised officer as per section 63 of the Tobacco Products RegulationAct 1997.

Appropriate signage will be placed on the Town Hall, Y.M.C.A buildings and playground as per attachments C and D.

The smoke-free area will be communicated to the community through the following:

  • Community media (Informer)
  • Mail drop
  • Community bulletin board
  • Signage

Consultation will be undertaken with:

  • Community
  • Local businesses
  • Community groups
  • S.A.P.O.L
  • Through our website
  • Mail outs
  • Meetings

The smoke-free area will be evaluated annually using data collected from the following:

  • Community feedback
  • Consultation with staff
  • Analysis of any issues or incidents

The outcome of this evaluation will be used to revise or refine any future applications.

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